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Project Deliverables

  • D1.1: Shared Workspace set up
  • D2.1: Technology watch
  • D2.2: European CRM perspective and technology selection
  • D3.1: Parameter and model selection on crushing
  • D3.2: Mineral mechanical characterization for crushers
  • D3.3: Jaw and cone crusher modelling
  • D3.4: Roll, hammer and VSI crusher modelling
  • D3.5: Results of on-real site crushing process validation
  • D4.1: Parameter and model selection for milling
  • D4.2: Mineral characterization for milling
  • D4.3: High pressure grinding rolls Modelling
  • D4.4: Ball and roll milling modelling
  • D4.5: Results of on-real site milling process validation
  • D5.1: Review of gravity separation modelling and application of applied mineralogy for prediction of gravity separation performance
  • D5.2: Development of improved gravity separation models
  • D6.1: Review of magnetic separation modelling and application of applied mineralogy for prediction of magnetic separation performance
  • D6.2: Development of new magnetic separation models
  • D7.1: Review of Froth Flotation Separation Modelling and Application of Applied Mineralogy for Prediction of Flotation Performance
  • D7.2: Development of new Froth Flotation Models
  • D8.1: OptimOre requirements and industry study and sensing
  • D8.2: Expert Control Systems
  • D10.1: Project website
  • D10.2: Dissemination Plan
  • D10.3: Interim Exploitation Plan
  • D10.5: Workshop Plan
  • D11.4: Humans - Requirement No 2
  • D11.5: EPQ - Requirement No 7
  • D11.1: POPD - Requirement No. 4 (PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA)
  • D11.2: Humans - Requirement No. 6 (PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA)
  • D11.6: Humans - Requirement No. 1
  • D11.7: POPD - Requirement No. 5
  • D11.3: Humans - Requirement No. 3 (HUMANS)
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