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Conferences and Exhibitions

2017 Planned Events

  • PDAC Convention 2017, Toronto March 5-8 2017, booth 6301N, Attending Partner - HZDR.
  • Mines & Money, UK, 2016,  Attending Partner - INTERKONSULT (ABMEC)
  • Process Mineralogy, South Africa, 2017, UPC, Attending Partner - Exeter, EDMA
  • Computational Modelling, UK, 2017, Attending Partner - UPC, Chalmers, Exeter
  • Physical Separation, UK, 2017, Attending Partner - UniOvi, Chalmers, Freiberg, Exeter
  • FEM, Finland, 2017, Attending Partner - INTERKONSULT (ABMEC)
  • Flotation, South Africa, 2017, Attending Partner - HZDR
  • ABMEC annual conference, UK, 2017, INTERKONSULT (ABMEC) - INTERKONSULT
  • ESCC 2017, Izmir, Turkey, September 2017, Attending Partner - Chalmers.
  • Mineral Processing and Recycling Conference, Freiberg, Germany,  November 8-9 2017, Attending Partner - HZDR and UniOvi.

Please email our team to book a meeting with one of our representatives at your chosen event.

Events Attended

Partner Attended
Comminution, South Africa, 2016
UPC & Chalmers
Hillhead, UK, 2016
Colombiano de Minería, Colombia, 2016
University of Oviedo
IMPC, Canada, 2016
UPC, HZDR & Exeter
MINExpo, USA, 2016
Procemin, Chile, 2016
University of Exeter
Jatrami, Argentina, 2016
University of Oviedo
SECODENA, Venezuela, 2016
University of Oviedo
ABMEC annual conference, UK, 2016
Mineral and mining processing in Europe 2016 IOM3, UK, 2016

Planned 2017 Workshops

  • Workshop to be held on the November 7th 2017 in Germany. Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg/Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf (HZDR) attended by Mining companies, Equipment supplier, Consultants and designers, Regulators, Financial institutions, Educational institutions. Countries covered - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia and Bulgaria.


The OptimOre Project Team will also be holding another 3 workshops throughout 2017, please keep checking here for the confirmed location and dates. 

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